Sunday, November 9, 2008

hermm..what a bad day.....

why i can't sleep

now the tick-tock is 3 at pagi buta

my eyes still can't close

well as usual i tell my story starting from morning till night right...

but now i want to make some different

from night till morning..

how about that....

i just came back from pulau melaka(which is our Nik Aziz place)

actually i'm not from his home

madi,boh,jihe,edi,maza and me haved some dinner and music caraoke at the kampung stall

they enjoying themself very muc...malaysian idol wannabe..

most of them like 90's malay rock balada

like search,salim,iklim,lefthanded and many more...

they are like my dad too..cuz my dad's song cd collection are from 90's

but me...nahhhh

the duration sing took about 2 and half plus2 hours...i'm fell so bored

at least there were still have my familiar song

i stilled can sing indonesion song

peterpan and sheila 0n 7

before that

we had dinner nearby the caraoke room i took just 4 meters from the dining hall

madi,boh and me did't eat just have a nice cool teh o beng

mostly kedai makan in kelantan have beautifull and charming lady

which we call it "pelaye"

maybe some of the tauke esperated to make more profits by using her..

but in kelantan it does't matter anymore

while i'm gulping some drink

i just watching and listening the conversation from them

i did't speak too much(malu la konon)

mostly jihe,madi and boh talked each others

it's about their bizness

2 hours ago,

we went to apek house(his name is mohd afiq0

we called him like that because his face like chinese

we had some rest because tired driving from besut after dusk just now

firstly,,we did't fell comfortable to go there

but apek said that his dad went to kl

we be better

but the situation turn back..his dad still at home

he did't go to kl because the flight delayed

after perfoming isyak and watching them finishing some PALL MALL

i ask boh to follow me to burger stall

i taught the total of 6 burgers are rm10 nett

but need more rm1.40 because boh ordered burger benjo

in besut

after zuhur i drove to madi's house

actually he ask me to accompany him to kuala terengganu

he needed to go there because he wanted to buy a 2nd new car

the car is "keto mr.bean"

but the situation been worsed cuz bob and his friend arranged the appointment

unfortunately,it canceled because she did't answer the phone

damn it

i thought we could go there happyily

so we went to pantai bukit kluwe

to release ore tension we had some keropok losong and beautifull beach scenery

the reliefe came lullabyly..hahhh

we had some gossip and make some stupid coversation

the best gosipp was HABIB and her girlfriend

sorry i will write down abput him here

just only us...hahaha

3 hours ago

i had lunch alone while watching "melodi" at tv3

the hot story was about abby abadi and his husband

it's just their confict marriage

let Allah be the judger

then i wake up from my bed it was 11 a.m



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