Wednesday, November 5, 2008

good day everybody

assalamualaikum and hi for all viewers...this is my first english typing..i just want to make my english better so that it easier for me to tacle orang puteh or arabian..hehe..

there's nothing intersting or fun in my blog or GOLOK..morning at 9 a.m...after opening my comp...quickly Q say some greeting in ym,,(Q is friend of mine in imtiaz)...he asked me to read his blog aboout Obama For Change,,quite is the judgement day for american politican..and finally he won the election..this was the big history for them...ya you know..first black or negro man be the U.S president if i;m not mietake the 44th prime minister...i wonder what to george deserve that..well as you Bush' administration..what the best thing that he done??what??the best thing happen is his order become worst like shit...bush is shit..i hope the u.s residents cannot be patient to wait to kick his but...or treat him like a dog..

i know obama is jewish..and i hope he use the "change we need" to be reality not just an ordinary word...hope he can fix his country better than last president...

now is 9.47 p.m...13 minutes left to 10/..can't wait to watch's kind of action movies starring of the Zorro hero..i don't remember his name...the story based human life in mexico..some drugs.women and gangsterisme..

to all viewers..have you read the love story adam and just under this very nice story... person or people who know english better than like i know Q.abg lai,jamil(orang putih)..hope you can advice or fix my english to better..some people don't like english because english is very important nowadays..english conversation need in tackle a girl,job interview,bisness meeting,,or what out...

i hope to be rich and famous film producer..god bless you..insyaalah..bye to be continued


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