Friday, December 18, 2009

its been long.....time

assalamualaikum and peace be upon to all of you..

dear readers.its been really long time i've not been write the blog the way i's mean that i'm quite busy right now..busy with playing and enjoying myself with my holiday..i suggest u and me to use all of time..because when u get back to school or college..u will regrett i'm in besut,..hang out at madi's house..besut is the only place that i can hang out for long day..u know why..because in this world i only have many friends in here..not in kelantan..

last night..we went to terennganu..there was a function been held by madi bussiness either..then we stop by at restauran to full our stomach..its been more than 3 hours we stop just because madi have to meet his kelantan we said that PAH CEROHH..

this coming friend named dhiak..will held his wedding ceremenoy in his kampung..insyallah..all of my batch friend will attend this ceremony except najah.ikmal...very surprising that he is the first and break the tradition among all of us to be married first..his other half is from sabah..thats why we call spouse in islam fate JODOH..then..we wonder who will be next?me? no no..i am to economy are not stable..i wish i would make my own day at 25 or after i get my job...all the things that we wish is under god will..

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