Saturday, November 8, 2008

As Usual laaaaaaaaaaaa

1st of all...thanks to Allah for waking me up easy for me to perfom Subuh...then continue back my sleeping princess till 10 breakfast my lovely mum made "mee goreng"..the taste was good...all flavour are in it...

watching television till my eyes thrown out till zuhur...after performing zuhur..we had delicious lunch mum's secret recipe nasi ayam...fuh...this was the best nasi ayam from my mum...i hope i want to learn from her...but shy on me because we had bibik already...i will learn from her one day till our bibik left...i like the chicken.."ayam goreng berkicap..this was a penang aunty(mak ngah) she good in cooking...i think my mum took the recipe from her...what ever it is.. i love my mum..i can't live without you seriuosly...

then we wacthed the hindustan movie which the title was "NAQAAB" what a surprise...the title remine me to my ex-upline's father...uncle naqab...he is a mix malay and pakistan man..the story was exciting and full of curiuosity..i like the plot... it's hard me to explain..better you watch it by urself...all i can say the story is in the movie...very missy meaning..

tonight we had dinner at Sizzling mee nearby our neighbourhood...firstly i taught it can be the best restaurant..but the cook and the waiters are like bullshit...they such a son of &^*&...we had to wait like a 'barbie'doll for 2 hours...the worst is how the staff just be nothing and just watching tv and also be arrogant...i will never go to that hell my dad said...Melayu least i still can taste my chicken chop and yogurt banana..

tomorrow is just judgement day...maybe my uitm result will be annouce..i have to check it first in the internet..there's nothing word wanna have a best dream may ALLAH bless you....assalamualaikum


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