Saturday, July 11, 2009

judgement day

assalamualaikum and evening at 11.31 p.m..tonight i got nothing to to full my entire time before get my head to my blue soft beloved pillow..i wanna share opinion with u guys about solat...before i start..let me tell u about my day that i was doin...i woke up at 10 a.m,honestly..i had to "qodo" or replace my before yesterday i had stuggle and hustle a lot to not fall sleep at late night so easy for me to eyes won and i fall down...nest morningmy roomates and i went for brunch at kak la restaurant...then back to hostel and wash my clothes..ok,,here we go..

nowadays solat not seriusly taken by and children either..why this thing happen?honestly i'm not a MR.perfect man in the universe..but i just try my best to myself in my dream heaven..just make it simple you want to go to hell?...only stupid,asshole,damn man in the universe will against the answer,right?..come on guys..u know how to go THERE..but when it come to work or the responsiblity..everybody make their own fool excuses..i'm dad does't teach me how to pray.i'm not ready yet..what in the blue hell are these excuses...come on guys...we are too close to judgement day..please be full prepared to face it..remember


Mohd Eqwan Bin Mohd Roslan said...

ado hok jawab:

"tak sampai seru lagi nak solat/pakai tudung"

"tak solat/tak pakai tudung xpe janji hati baik"

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